Project 1: Harvey flood cleanup – Concord Bridge
Address: Concord Bridge Dr, Houston, TX 77041, United States
Time: 10-6pm
The Concord Bridge neighborhood is at the north end of the Addicks reservoir and got flooded during the release of water to save the dam. We’ll be helping the elderly and fixed-income single parent households, those that need it most! Phase 1 this weekend – help demo and clean out the homes. Phase 2 next weekend, hopefully, help rebuild!

We will have gloves, safety glasses & N95 masks, but if you have some, bring them! We want all our volunteers to be protected!

If you can’t make it the full time, just come whenever you can, it’s ok! Every bit helps!

Project Leader:
Kevin Chang  

Project 2: Helping Mission to Neighbors at Aldine Westfield
Address: Salvation Army Aldine Westfield.
Time : 1pm-6pm
This center open daily 10am-7pm Mon-Sat; Sun 10-6pm:  to provide hope, free hot lunch/ dinner, prayers and supplies to the neighbor at Aldine Westfield since 2 weeks.
Volunteer tasks include:
– Prepare & deliver dinner Togo boxes
– Upload and organize donation supplies
– Shop items for residents
– Assist cleaning center if needed
– Greet & check in residents
Project Leader:
Phuong Tran